Our passion at Integrated HCM is to advocate for clients involved in the challenging and complex process of healthcare construction. This includes helping to ensure the timeliness, cost-effectiveness, safety, and quality of any given project.

Every member of our staff is dedicated to helping our clients succeed in undertaking healthcare construction, using our unique expertise to help you hire the right team, plan with foresight and knowledge, meet regulations, manage your project from start to finish, and troubleshoot or problem-solve where necessary.

Bob Pyke, President

Bob’s Bio

Having worked in the medical construction and development field for over 35 years, Bob Pyke has developed extensive expertise in the fields of contracting, construction management and consulting.

Over the last four decades, Bob has overseen the construction of a range of medical facilities, including hospitals, medical office buildings, psychiatric treatment centers, radiological, ontological, and surgery installations, and various clinics.

Bob graduated from Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts, Magna Cum Laude. Bob also received a master’s degree from Springfield College, graduating with highest honors and receiving the President’s Award for Homiletics.

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