Healthcare Expertise

Building a healthcare facility in the state of California is an exceptional undertaking. Owners must understand how to meet specific regulations, while protecting and maintaining the ongoing safety of patients and staff.

In most healthcare construction projects, contractors must work around an existing environment of healthcare, creating a unique set of challenges and necessary precautions.

During the process of healthcare construction, Integrated HCM offers you:

Seasoned Personnel

We know the critical role of utilizing an experienced, knowledgeable team of architects, engineers, and contractors that will know how to minimize risk and maximize dollar spent.

Strategic Planning

A well-executed Infection Control and Risk Assessment (ICRA) plan is a key part of every project, helping to manage risk and meet necessary requirements.

Situational Expertise

With over three decades dedicated to OSHPD-regulated healthcare construction, we have the foresight and problem-solving ability required for a successful healthcare construction project.

Diligence & Compliance

To ensure compliance with evolving professional standards, all Integrated HCM field personnel complete our proprietary Healthcare training. Our project leaders have completed ASHE (American Society for Healthcare Engineering) Healthcare Construction Certification, and have advanced training in infection control procedures and compliance requirements, which ensures a safe and clean environment during construction.

Safety & Comfort for Patients

For all projects, Interim Life Safety Measures (ILSM) procedures are implemented, maintaining the safety of the site and surrounding environment.

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