Construction Management

Under construction management, we assemble and manage an expert team of architects, engineers, and contractors for your project.

This experienced team brings specific knowledge of healthcare construction to your project, helping you produce quality results with fewer delays and challenges.

Construction management involves the following:

Programming and Design – Set clearly defined goals and produce necessary documentation to begin work on your project.

During programming, we define goals and clarify specifics about the project so that design work can begin.

This process includes:

  • Defining project requirements
  • Helping to select an expert design team
  • Managing the performance and communication of the team
  • Evaluating submission to Authorities Having Jurisdiction

Project PlanningDevelop and assess plan to measure risks and rewards. 

During project planning, we work with you to:

  • Evaluate site 
  • Assess costs
  • Determine schedule
  • Define requirements and regulations

BiddingCreate bid packages, analyze proposals, and facilitate contracts to help your project remain cost-effective and efficient.

During the bidding process, we help you select an experienced contractor that will help you effectively and successfully complete the project.

Bidding also involves:

  • Creating a bid package from construction documents completed during programming and design
  • Presenting package to healthcare contractors
  • Analyzing bid proposals and advising on contractor selection
  • Drafting contracts

Pre-ConstructionDetermining the optimal strategies for administering the project and managing cost.

Pre-construction involves finalizing the work schedule and helping determine which subcontractors will be involved.

During pre-construction, we:

  • Prepare budget and cash flow analysis
  • Create master project schedule
  • Secure necessary permits
  • Perform quality control and code review of construction drawings
  • Advise on regulatory requirements
  • Organize team members

Construction – Supporting you every step of the way to help construction meet schedule, budget, and necessary requirements.

During the construction phase, we provide you with comprehensive leadership by:

  • Providing on-site project management
  • Ensuring adherence to schedule and budget
  • Ensuring on-site quality assurance
  • Monitoring ICRA Compliance
  • Administration of construction contracts
  • Coordinating OSHPD permits, technical inspections, and testing
  • Monitoring implementation of Interim Life Safety Measures
  • Providing RFI, submittal, and change order management
  • Reviewing all bills and lien releases
  • Certifying contractor progress payments
  • Maintaining communication flow between team members

Close out and OccupancyWe complete all final details to ensure close out is smooth and successful, preparing the building for occupancy.

During close out, we ensure completion of all contract requirements and coordinate final payments in preparation for turnover to the owner’s staff. 

Close out and occupancy include:

  • Preparation of punchlist and management to completion
  • Coordination of final inspections
  • Validation of system testing
  • Management of demobilization and final cleaning
  • Review of warranties and close out documentation
  • Facilitation of occupancy transition
  • Management of building systems commissioning

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