Design and Build

Integrated HCM’s Design/Build services offer you a “one-stop” source for design and construction services, streamlining a process that can typically become time-consuming and costly.

Integration of Design & Construction 

Design/Build helps you save wasted time and money on intermediating between the design team and contractor.

Design/Build circumvents delays that can result from repeat bids by integrating design services with construction services. When the two go hand in hand, total design and construction time are significantly expedited – and money is saved.

An Experienced, Unified Team

Design/Build provides you with a team of seasoned healthcare construction professionals who will work together to help ensure the quality and timeliness of your project.

Typically, owners spend a significant amount of time coordinating between designers, engineers, architects, and builders. By using Design/Build, you’re able to prioritize critical decision-making instead of mediating disputes.


  • Expedites the project schedule
  • Maintains design goals while ensuring constructability
  • Manages project costs
  • Improves quality of design and construction

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