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Healthcare construction is a complex process that requires knowledge of specific statewide regulations.

Too often, owners undertake healthcare construction by hiring a team of general construction professionals without the necessary experience to safely build a healthcare facility. Even an experienced contractor may be forced to tear down an otherwise well-executed project at the demands of state inspectors.

And, the back-and-forth required during the complex process of bidding can waste an enormous amount of time – and money.

Integrated HCM is dedicated to help owners and chief executives achieve success in the challenging and precarious field of healthcare construction. 

Whether you need a service to design and build your project, to manage your project, or to help you problem-solve, Integrated HCM provides a range of options to meet your needs.

Benefits of Working with an HCM Professional

Project Controls

Specific project controls are critical to the construction of a healthcare facility. Depending on the service you choose, an Integrated HCM professional applies the following to help ensure the quality of your project:

One or more management plans.

Development of a written scope understood by all of the participants.

Detailed project budget based on scope, quality, and schedule.

Development of thorough design criteria for issue to the Designer.

Design quality assurance throughout the design process.

Consideration of material, systems, and process alternatives.

Constructability and sustainability reviews.

Code compliance review.

Life-cycle cost analyses/value engineering.

Milestone cost estimating so that design complies with the budget.

Matching construction spending to available funds.

Construction specification enforcement.

Continual schedule monitoring.


Predictability of Outcome

A focus on early planning and integration of design and construction help ensure a successful outcome for any given project. 

An Integrated HCM professional will help you minimize risk, continue meeting budget, and evade potential challenges that can arise from healthcare construction. A significant aspect of this is preparing an appropriate bid package that can help prevent disputes and delays during construction.

The owner is given increased control and confidence, and money and time are saved.

Representation and Advocacy

An Integrated HCM professional will represent your best interests throughout the process of healthcare construction.

This involves facilitating a collaborative team approach that helps eliminate conflict and improves communication, producing a quality, cost-effective end result.

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